We deliver the best pasta to UK homes across the country, as well as beautiful sauces & garnishes sourced from Italy. We then invite you to prepare a 5* pasta dish in just 5 minutes, impressing friends and delighting family. Buon appetito.

We must admit, selecting your order can be confusing at times. We are a startup and we are learning fast. With all the different weeks and that, some meals are not available on one week as it is on the next. And to add to all your problems, you have to at least have two purchases to arrive on the same day.

Yes, it can be difficult to get what you want. But have no fear, we have our tech guys, marketing gurus working hard to ease your pain and bring an incredible user friendly process. And as we grow, you will never be confused again. But with all that in mind, here are the steps to master your purchase:

5 Steps to successfully order from Pasta Evangelist:

  1. Choose a weekly menu you’d like to order from
  2. Select at least two servings from each menu you choose to order from
  3. Have a discount code? Apply this at checkout
  4. Don’t forget to refer your friends after checking out to get your next box for FREE
  5. Buon appetito!

Whats in your pasta Box?

We make fresh, artisanal pasta dishes every week and deliver nationwide. Order from our weekly menu and we’ll deliver pasta, sauces & garnishes – everything you need – to make restaurant-quality pasta meals at home in five minutes.

How long can I store it for? And can I freeze it?

The pasta can be kept in the fridge for 1 day from the day of delivery. It must be consumed by the end of the day after your delivery day, i.e. if the pasta is delivered on a Monday it should be consumed no later than by the end of Tuesday.

Alternatively, you can also freeze your pasta on the day of delivery and keep it for up to 1 month. Freezing is a great way to lock in the freshness of our products and ensure you can enjoy delicious, artisan pasta and sauces at a time convenient for you.

  1. To prepare frozen fresh pasta, cook directly from frozen and allow slightly longer (usually around 1-2 minutes more) in the boiling water.
  2. For lasagne/oven pasta, defrost it overnight in the fridge and then follow the cooking time.
  3. Our sauces should be defrosted overnight in the fridge, or in a microwave for 2 minutes.
  4. Our recipe cards include more information about freezing and defrosting, each of our dishes.

How do I prepare my pasta meal?

As long as you’ve got a pan & boiling water, you’re all set! It only takes 3-5 minutes to cook the fresh pasta. The sauce only needs a couple of minutes to be heated through in a large pan until steaming. Combine the drained pasta with the heated sauce, then top with the garnish.

There will always be a recipe card included in your box, which will provide more detailed instructions for each dish.

Gluten Free?

Whenever we can, we add a gluten-free option for each of our dishes. When available, the name of the recipe reads “(GF. Avail)” and can be selected from the “Style” drop-down menu in the recipe description page. Please note that our gluten-free pasta is dried, but of exceptional quality.


No problem. We have a beautiful range of vegetarian dishes and increase the choices available every week.

Allergic to Nuts?

Some of our recipes include nuts among the ingredients and that means, although our kitchen is set up to avoid cross-contamination, we cannot guarantee the total absence of traces of nuts in the other recipes. Please take this into consideration when purchasing.

Where do we Make our Pasta and Sauces?

Our pasta & sauces are made exclusively in London, usually by Italian hands. Our small kitchen team, led by the charming Sabrina from Sardinia, works around the clock to prepare authentic dishes that delight our customers. Our dishes are freshly made every day.

Where do we source our ingredients?

We only source the finest ingredients, usually from Italy.  We tend to prefer small and local producers since they are those who provide better and fresher food. We also source fantastic British produce from local London butchers, fishmongers & markets.

Ready to order from us?


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