Spaghetti bolognese fans beware…

Did you know that each pasta shape is designed for a specific sauce?

Whilst the ingredients may be exactly the same, combining your sauce with the right pasta shape actually makes a huge difference to the overall flavour and experience of your dish.

But how do you know which one goes with what?

Luckily, we’ve put together a quick guide on how to pair your sauce with the perfect pasta shape, so you get the best flavour out of every dish.

Nonna would be proud!

The wide strips of the pappardelle perfectly catches each shred of this Italian Beef Shin Ragu

Pasta type: Long, wide ribbon pastas; pappardelle, tagliatelle, fettucine

Best paired with: Meaty sauces & ragus

Reason why: The wide shape of these pasta shapes carries the meaty pieces in the sauce, avoiding them sinking to the bottom of the bowl.

The thin shape and silky texture of trenette ensures a delicate, even coating of walnut pesto

Pasta type: Thin, silky pasta; spaghetti, linguine, tagliolini

Best paired with: Pesto, olive-oil based & light creamy sauces such as carbonara

Reason why: The thin, silky shape and texture perfectly combines with light sauces so that each strand is delicately and evenly coated.

These pumpkin-filled tortelloni are delicately coated in sage butter and hazelnut crumb, complementing the filling without overpowering its flavour

Pasta shape: Filled pasta; tortelloni, ravioli, girasoli…

Best paired with: Olive oil & butters

Reason why: Heavy, rich sauces will overpower the flavour of the pasta filling. Opting for herby butter or quality extra-virgin olive oil gives the filling of the filled pasta the attention it deserves!

Top tip: Try adding a crunch garnish such as grissini crumbs or pine nuts to your filled pasta to give added depth and texture to your dish

The tubes and ridges of penne pasta perfectly catch this spicy arrabbiata sauce

Pasta shape: Tubes; rigatoni, maccheroni, penne

Best paired with: Chunky vegetable sauces and baked pasta dishes

Reason why: The holes in this pasta shape capture the sauce, avoiding a dry, bland flavour

The twirls in this fusilli trap our pesto alla genovese in between its ridges, so that every bite is bursting with flavour

Pasta type: Twirls; casarecce, fusilli, trofie

Best paired with: Pesto and smooth sauces

Reason why: The grooves in the pasta are designed to capture the sauce for a richer flavour