Prue, Giles and William are standing behind us, in our journey to providing the people of UK, restaurant quality pasta that you can cook from home. Pasta Evangelists only delivers artisanal pasta, that is freshly made and is accompanied by delicate sauces that our evangelist’s chefs have decided on.

We have asked Prue, Giles and William do give their thoughts on pasta Evangelists and here is what they had to say.

Prue Host a Pasta Bake OFF with Pasta Evangelists, and Giles joins.

Giles Coren

“All three dishes were very easy to prepare and the quality was outstanding. On the plate they all looked beautiful and were all very delicate, well balanced and delicious. It was light years ahead of anything you can buy in a shop and better than all but the very finest Italian restaurants. You really, really surprised me.” – Giles Coren

Top UK food critic Giles Coren is our first official Evangelist. Giles, who made his name as the Times food critic, is also known for columns in GQ, Esquire, Time Out and the Independent, as well as TV work on the BBC and Channel 4.

GILES COREN is a restaurant critic and columnist who has been writing for The Times since 1993. Giles is one of the co-founders of and shareholders in Pasta Evangelists.

giles coren

Prue Leith 

“Love it. Unashamedly top-end.” – Prue Leith

We’re delighted to unveil Great British Bake-Off star, founder of Leith’s School of Food & Wine, and all -round British food royalty Prue Leith as our founding Evangelist.

Prue has been with us from our humble beginnings, encouraging Pasta Evangelists from the outset. Grazie mille, PRUE LEITH.\

William Sitwell

“Really delicious and simple to cook.” – William Sitwell

Masterchef judge and food critic William Sitwell is our second official Evangelist. WILLIAM is a heavyweight from the high table of the British food industry, and brings his exacting standards and immaculate food credentials.

Alongside his regular Soho Radio show Biting Talk, William is a press and TV regular and has published three critically acclaimed books.

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