Celebrate St George’s Day in gastronomic style with a limited edition menu of pasta dishes inspired by, and created using, the produce of England’s green pastures.

To bring you this special menu, we’ve partnered with Heartier, the leading marketplace for native breed & free range butchers across the UK. They’ve helped us source some fantastic English cuts for our Anglo-Italian extravaganza, and we hope you’ll agree they do San Giorgio proud.

Why Anglo-Italian?

Last year, we took a bit of a risk and, to celebrate 4th July, created a very unusual menu – one paying homage to the sometimes good, sometimes bad, sometimes downright delicious cuisine of Italian Americans. You feasted on the likes of Gourmet Mac & Cheese with Black Truffles, Spaghetti with Meatballs and the iconic Penne alla Vodka.

Until now, though, we’ve drawn very little inspiration from the country that we, the Pasta Evangelists team, call home. Although we come from all four corners of the world – many of us are Italian, some English, one of us as far as India – we all call London home. And one of our best-loved team activities is to venture out into the beautiful English countryside, immortalised in its beauty by the hymn Jerusalem, which notes England’s “pleasant pastures”.

This week, to celebrate St George’s Day, it’s these pastures we’ve looked to for inspiration, teaming up with Heartier, the marketplace for native breed, free range & local farmers across the country, to bring you an exclusive Anglo-Italian pasta menu using some of England’s most wonderful, vibrant and seasonal produce. Read on to find out more.

Meet the suppliers behind this week’s dishes

1. Spring Lamb “Shepherd’s Pie” Lasagne with Vintage Cheddar & Potato Crumb

Cut: Lamb Shoulder

Butcher: Dave Waller

Location: Ledbury, Herefordshire

Why? Everyone in England knows – and loves – a classic Shepherd’s Pie. Rich and meaty, it’s quintessential comfort food, characterising many of our childhoods and warming many English homes through the winters. Although it’s fallen out of fashion in recent years, we felt compelled to reinvent this classic in our “lamsagne” this week, made by slow-cooking lamb shoulder, sourced from Dave Waller in Hertfordshire, with plenty of aromatics to create a beautiful ragu. We’ve then folded this between sheets of fresh lasagne and topped with wonderful vintage Cheddar and, to evoke the mash potato topping we all know and love, a tasty potato crumb… buon appetito!

2. Cumberland Sausage Ragù with Artisan Pappardelle & 12 Month Aged Parmesan

Cut: Proper Cumberland sausages

Butcher: Dave Waller

Location: Ledbury, Herefordshire

Why?  Originating from the ancient country of Cumberland, there are, indubitably, fewer foodstuffs quite so quintessentially English as the fabulously meaty Cumberland sausage. Beloved of the good people of Cumberland – Cumbria since 1974 – for more than 500 years, these special sausages do San Giorgio proud, rich as they are in all their juicy glory. In this week’s limited edition ragù, we slowly simmer Cumberland sausage meat with aromatics including wine, fresh herbs and passata. And the result is incredible, particularly when intertwined with tangles of wonderfully thick, fresh pappardelle. A sprinkling of 12-month-aged Parmigiano, whilst admittedly not very English in extraction, seemed utterly necessary to complete this festival of English flavour.

3. Bucatini all’Amatriciana with Yorkshire Bacon Lardons, 12 Month Aged Parmesan & Bacon Crumb

Cut: Tasty bacon lardons

Butcher: Anna Longthorp

Location: East Yorkshire

Why? No one loves a good old bacon sandwich with tomato ketchup more than the English on a worse-for-wear Saturday morning, and that’s a fact. This truth got us thinking about a dish that would do this veritable tradition proud, and we thought a distinctly English take on our amatriciana sauce, rich with tomatoes, was in order. Traditionally, this sauce is made with guanciale (pork cheek), but we substitute lardons for a deeper, smokier flavour. This week’s lardons come from Anna’s Happy Trotters in East Yorkshire. Anna is the 4th generation of farming in the family and is a specialist in rearing native breed British Landrace pigs. Anna produces some of the only 100% free range pigs in the UK – only 1-2% are.

4. Gourmet Spaghetti Bolognese with Slow-Cooked Hereford Beef Mince Ragù & 12 Month Aged Parmesan

Cut: Hereford beef mince

Butcher: Dave Waller

Location: Ledbury, Herefordshire

Why? This week, to do the English – and San Giorgio – proud, we’ve reinvented this classic dish of the English repertoire with a distinctly gourmet twist: we’ve sourced the finest, native breed Hereford beef mince from our friends at Heartier, slow-cooking for six hours with beautiful aromatics and the very best tomatoes (… admittedly, these do come from Italia), before serving with a tangle of freshly-cut spaghetti and tangy, 12-month aged Parmigiano. Again, Italian, but needs must. And although we’re embracing our inner-Inglese this week, we implore you to thoroughly combine our fresh spaghetti with your ragù Bolognese – the hefty vision of spaghetti topped with a mountain of sauce is just too much for us to bear.

Meet our friends from Heartier

Meet Nick and Miles of Heartier, the UK’s leading marketplace for native breed & free range butchers.

When we asked this meat-loving duo why they chose to start Heartier, here’s what they had to say:

Nick: “We started Heartier because we were fed up with brilliant local butchers shutting down when they had the tastiest produce going. There’s nothing better than a thick cut steak or beautiful roasting joint from the butcher. The taste is incomparable — we want everyone to experience the joy of great meat. Our mission is to get as many of these fantastic producers online as we can, so that eating better meat becomes the easy choice. I believe that free-range and native breed produce is the way forward.”

Miles: “I truly believe Heartier is leading the way in working with butchers & farmers to provide ethically sourced meat to homes across the country, addressing issues of mass-scale production while offering far tastier food; it’s a win win! Home-cooking with the right produce is a real pleasure (and really doesn’t have to be difficult) so I’m excited to help deliver this and enjoy the journey with our customers!”

Find out more at: www.heartier.com

Ready to devour an Anglo-Italian feast…?