We deliver premium artisanal pasta to all of the United Kingdom. It is freshly made and shipped out of our kitchen that day. We have been recognised to meet the same quality as top restaurants in Britain, according to some food critics. 

 5 minutes cooking is required, and Voila, Bon Appetite.

The Telegraph and Pasta Evangelists

Our founder Alessandro Savelli talks with the Telegraph about Pasta Evangelists and how we, are evangelising pasta in the UK.


Buying From Pasta Evangelist | This is how it works?

  1. Look Online, on the Pasta Evangelists homepage
  2. Select a week you would like to order from and choose a minimum of 2 pasta meals you wish to prepare
  3. Use Discount Code: PastaBlog to get 10 GBP off your first order
  4. Is delivered to your door, ready for you to prepare in 5 minutes

For more information on how to buy from Pasta Evangelist, visit our post “Buying from Pasta Evangelists | What you need to know”

Bryony Morganna gives an honest review on our artisanal pasta